Mouth Shield 6pcs/pack

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  • Mouth Shield 6pcs/pack
  • Mouth Shield 6pcs/pack
  • Mouth Shield 6pcs/pack
  • Mouth Shield 6pcs/pack
  • Mouth Shield 6pcs/pack

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We’ve sourced the latest personal protective equipment that not only meets required safety regulations but is light and comfortable to wear for hours without the need for frequent adjustment, not to mention has the ability to show off our smiles.

Our plastic transparent mouth shield is breathable, comfortable to wear and anti-fog

Comfortable to wear around ears, no pressure points and super lightweight on chin

Package: 6pcs

no refund or exchange on PPE

Easy Assembly

Peel off protective sticker covering on both sides of plastic shield by detaching from its anchor. Once peeled place the shield back onto the anchors,

Attach ear loops on each side of anchor

Adjust rubber stopper to loosen the loop to fit around ears

To frame the shield to better fit around face, gently bend and hold the shield in a U shape.

To clean: rinse with water and wipe with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching on plastic shield

Disclaimer: this shield is not recommended while lashing in close contact. Best to be worn with a face shield. Continue to stay 6 feet apart when around large crowds as shield is not enclosing your nose. 

As a lash artist who continues to lash, I have found since lashing with a mask and face shield, client's breathe and perfume seems to get trapped within my mask and that is all I end up smelling throughout the appointment. This is a good option to use while wearing a face shield over.


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